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Henan Yunfeng Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang City, Henan Province, the ancient capital of the Thirteen Dynasties. With a registered capital of 5 million yuan, it has convenient transportation and is accessible in all directions.Since its establishment, the company has mainly engaged in the design, development and construction of ecological scenic spots, including scenic spot design, concrete trestle road, anti-corrosion wood trestle road, glass walkway, suspended anti-corrosion wood suspension bridge, suspended glass suspension bridge, antique buildings, corridors, pavilions, footpaths, slideways, sliding, drifting landscape design and production. Many of the projects have received recognition and commendation from the owners, and the company's performance has received widespread praise in the industry. The company has 6 engineering design technicians and 5 design engineers with * * * qualifications. There are a total of 8 design and development personnel, including 11 personnel with associate degree or above. The company has 10 engineering teams with relevant construction qualifications, which can simultaneously develop and construct scenic spots in multiple scenic spots.The company adheres to the principle of "people-oriented and win-win cooperation". At the request of the chairman of the company, we consider the needs and concerns of our customers from various aspects such as quality, economy, and practicality. We aim to make our plank roads and other projects and facilities more integrated with your scenic area, close to nature, and provide visitors with a good travel experience! 【See more】



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  • 2022-


    Happy New Year 2022 to all of you

    On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming in the New Year, we would like to extend our warmest greetings and sincere wishes to all the people and friends who care about and support our company.I wish you all a happy year of the Tiger, a tiger and a tiger, a tiger and a dragon!

  • 2021-


    Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of new amusement equipment

    The existence of each industry has its own reason, in the beginning of the industry has been mutual learning and imitation, amusement equipment industry is no exception. Since the beginning of the 1980s, China's amusement equipment industry has developed by learning from and imitating foreign products, especially in the first period of the design and production of each new type of amusement equipment. So what is the advantage or disadvantage of this situation? Zhengzhou Aerospace amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Xiaobian today to give you an analysis.If we want to know the advantages and disadvantages of the new amusement equipment, we should look at the "advantages" and "disadvantages" from the two aspects. If it promotes the development and prosperity of the industry, it is good; if it hinders the development of the industry, it is bad.First of all, the analysis of the new amusement equipment for reference and imitation of the "profit". When a new product comes out, how can it develop rapidly and have influence among the public? It must be inseparable from promotion. The reference and imitation of other manufacturers have promoted the products to the greatest extent and speed. With the increase of manufacturers, the popularity and influence of the products have been improved. For example, the new amusement equipment children's excavator just emerged last year, with the increase of manufacturers, the sales channels and market recognition have been increased.Then analyze the "disadvantages" of the new amusement equipment. Excessive reference and imitation of a new product will speed up market saturation and reduce its market value and profit. When the saturation increases, market value and profit drop to a certain extent, the development of the product will be pushed into a period of decline. In particular, the products of the amusement equipment industry are updated quickly; The golden period of a new amusement equipment in the market development may only be one or two years or even shorter. Too many manufacturers' reference and imitation will accelerate the product into a period of decline.Recommended reading: Panyu Children's Park to hold emergency drill for amusement facilities to welcome peak passenger flow

  • 2021-


    In the era of e-commerce, indoor amusement equipment is about to enter the rural market

    In this era of rapid development of information technology, everything is changing all the time. The rise of e-commerce, like the isolated village has become lively. Since the reform and opening up, the speed of the country's economic development has been gradually rising, and the living standards of people are also continuously improving. Until this year's statistics, the majority of the population has entered a well-off life, the consumption concept and comprehensive quality of the people in the towns and rural areas has also improved a lot, so the requirements for children are also more strict, Children's study, life and entertainment are of great importance, not only to urban residents, but also to rural people. Thus, indoor amusement equipment has the development space.Although people's life in the city is better than that in the countryside, but now farmers are not worse than the conditions of urban residents, as long as the price is almost affordable. Take the current entertainment for example, children's play was not paid attention to before, but now people have realized that it is important to cultivate their children in all aspects, not only study, but also play. At present, urban children's entertainment projects are generally to go to the large amusement park to play, which has a variety of large amusement equipment, including indoor amusement equipment, children can choose a variety of equipment to play in it, is also a better place for children to relieve learning pressure.At present, indoor amusement equipment is a kind of amusement equipment that has arisen in recent years, suitable object is generally in the 3-8 years old children, the design of this equipment is based on the children's several basic simple actions to complete the shape, the children can indirectly promote their physical and mental development when playing, killing two birds with one stone. At present, a lot of people are considering whether the amusement equipment can be moved into the rural area, for more children to get in contact with, because the current status quo of our country is still rural population more than urban population, so the demand for the rural is larger, so so long as you run an indoor children's park in the right place of human flow, it will certainly bring a lot of gains. Of course, people's consumption concept in the rural is relatively backward. The price we want to operate is certainly less than that of the city, but the children playing is not less, because the rural than the city, so the health aspects to do a good job, of course, if you feel not suitable for investment in indoor recreation equipment, you can choose inflatable toy series, this is the absolute return of fast, small investment, high profit industry.

  • 2023-


    What should be explained when using children's playground equipment

    Playground inside the children play more, so when playing playground equipment to pay attention to what things?1. Only for children aged 3-12 years old under the protection of ***.2, play, mutual humility, pay attention to safety, do not crowded, do not chase rough-and-tumble, pay special attention to play when the risk of falling and collision.3. It is prohibited to slide down the edge of the handrail of the slide. It is prohibited to climb the slide, cross the safety fence or hang outside the fence.4. Do not move, disassemble or loosen the parts of the instrument without permission. Do not use the instrument when the screws are loose.5, children must be dressed in convenient action, body can not have hard and other hurtful items.6. Do not bring pets or food into the house. Keep the equipment and the place clean.7. Do not encourage children to do dangerous and difficult actions.

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